Tommy Robinson, Make Britain Great Again, For Britain – no real solution.

Leviticus 26 (KJV)
18 And if ye will not yet for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins. 19 And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass: 20 And your strength shall be spent in vain: for your land shall not yield her increase, neither shall the trees of the land yield their fruits. 21 And if ye walk contrary unto me, and will not hearken unto me; I will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins. 22 I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your children, and destroy your cattle, and make you few in number; and your high ways shall be desolate.


Great Britain faces great danger, one which is rotting the very soul of the nation.

However, there are a lot of people who are desperate to tell you something that is broadly untrue, based on specific things that are true.

Islam *is* a great danger to the indigenous folk of the United Kingdom, and our representatives in all tiers of government have consistently lied about this truth, even as roving gangs of Muslims operated rape and abuse gangs across the British Isles – indeed they tried to prosecute under racial hatred laws anyone who tried to warn the public. 

HOWEVER: it is not *the greatest danger* to anyone in the UK.

It is not the Muslims who destroyed the British economy, turning it from  manufacturing nation into a Banana Republic.

It is NOT Muslims who want Britain to enter a Year Zero to “protect the planet”.

It is not the Muslims who ignored the Rape gangs operativeNationalists, Populists and Patriots​_ up to this VERY DAY in Great Britain.

It is not Muslims who are jailing Nationalists, Populists and Patriots for expressing their views.

It is NOT Muslimsmost certainly – who are censoring the internet against Nationalists, Populists and Patriots.not Muslims

It is not Muslims who want to make your children believe they are not the gender they were born to be, or that they should be Homosexual and Lesbian.

It is not Muslims who have enabled the murder of millions of white babies since 1967 under the Abortion Act 1967. 

These things are all done by predominately – by the vast majority – by white people, acting on behalf of the white political Establishment. 

This kind of “fact telling”, folks like Tommy Robinson, Sargon of Akkad and Count Dankula manage never to mention – and I pose to you the question – why not?



Theresa May selling us out over BREXIT

Did you ever imagine that she would do anything else? She would sell her soul to Satan for a shilling.

Our politicians in Britan are sexual degenerates.


Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

1 Corinthians 15 v 33 (KJV)


PERVERT‘, verb transitive [Latin perverto; per and verto, to turn.]

1. To turn from truth, propriety, or from its proper purpose; to distort from its true use or end; as, to pervert reason by misdirecting it; to pervert the laws by misinterpreting and misapplying them; to pervert justice; to pervert the meaning of an author; to pervert nature; to pervert truth.

2. To turn from the right; to corrupt.

He in the serpent had perverted Eve.


Corruption means more than taking a bribe or turning a blind eye to a criminal activity. Nation rotting as they may be, they can easily be dealth with by crushing legal penalties and an honest Biblical legal system – it is the destruction of Moral Order that will kill dead a formerly cohesive, successful society surely as God made little green apples.


Schoolgirls should be taught about orgasms in sex education lessons, according to a Labour MP.

Jess Phillips, who represents Birmingham Yardley and has two sons, made the remarks during a magazine interview. She explained that girls should be taught about sex from a young age in order to form healthy sexual relationships when they become adults.

Phillips said it was vital to discuss female pleasure in order to “break down the culture of power imbalance between men and women”.

“We should be telling girls about orgasms during sex education. I’m not suggesting we teach children how to masturbate, I’m suggesting we talk to them about the things they’re doing anyway.”



1. A growing worse or inferior; a decline in good qualities; or a state of being less valuable; as the degeneracy of a plant.

2. In morals, decay of virtue; a growing worse; departure from the virtues of ancestors; desertion of that which is good. We speak of the degeneracy of men in modern times, or of the degeneracy of manners, of the age, of virtue, etc., sometimes without reason.

3. Poorness; meanness; as a degeneracy of spirit.


Whilst the sexually deviant, the perverted and depraved have always existed in all three major parties – and no doubt presently UKIP & For Britain too – the Labour Party seem to enjoy a particular kind of interest from those who are perverts.

Let’s be clear – it’s only the followers, supporters and members of the Labour Party who endlessly want the age of sexual consent lowered, who want to introduce prepubescent children to anal sex, sexual technique, and endlessly ram homosexuality/lesbianism, transgenderism and pornography into the heads of your children.

Don’t believe me?

Patricia Hewitt called for age of consent to be lowered to tenFormer Labour cabinet minister apologises for links to paedophile group in 1970s and admits she ‘got it wrong’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn renews calls for LGBTQ-inclusive sex education to be introduced in schools (2018)
Labour’s Seema Malhotra: ‘Sex education should start at Key Stage 1’The new shadow minister for preventing violence against women and girls explains why she wants to help young people growing up in such a complex online and offline world (2014)
Miss Harman, 58, was a newly qualified solicitor when she became legal officer for the National Council for Civil Liberties, now known as Liberty, in 1978. At the time its general secretary was Patricia Hewitt, who went on to become health secretary under Tony Blair.Among the groups affiliated to NCCL were the Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation, whose members argued openly for the abolition of the age of consent. NCCL complained to the press watchdog about their treatment by tabloid newspapers and said in one article: “We support any organisation that seeks to campaign for anything it wants within the law. They have that right.
(Harriet Harman went on to be an MP, who ended up at the top of both Labour and Parliamentary politics under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown – Ed.)

So Jess Phillips MP is only doing what Labour MP’s seem to think is a perfectly normal thing – and it’s something that was not done to her generation of schoolchildren and those of her parents.

And as she will be absolutely aware – there is no way of discussing an orgasm without explaining (i) what one is and (ii) how to obtain one. So there will be the need for the degenerate in charge of the class of children, potentially a paedophile (could be male or female in this modern era, and presently unrecognised as of yet) whose delight is to identify the pupils who are perhaps the most suggestible, who may require a private word away from the gaze of their fellow teachers.

Only a deviant, a pervert, the most depraved has a desire to force the sexualisation of children, to provide easy to abuse victims for themselves, their colleagues and their friends. We have had sixty years of Sex Education in Great Britain, and we have a culture where rape is commonplace, where the use of pornography starts in primary school, and where young women are pressured by boyfriends to perform porn style sexual behaviour on video for sharing to their friends and the wider world. 

A boy of 13 has admitted raping his eight-year-old sister after watching porn on an Xbox.

The teenager, from Lancashire, told police he had seen the x-rated material on a games console with a friend and “decided to try it out”.

He said he had chosen his sister because she was small and “couldn’t remember stuff”.

We live in a revolting, debased country in which sex is either entertainment or a tool of power for abusers. This is not an accident, fate or chance. It has been engineered by communists, socialists and other enemies of all that is good, using the Labour Party as a vehicle.

These degenerates dream of a world where their sock and disgusting pedophilic fantasies are not only possible – but publicly acceptable to the point of being mandatory. Aldous Huxley wrote his book, BRAVE NEW WORLD, in the nineteen thirties, and it is unfolding before your eyes now.

It can be stopped – you have to make a choice – and it has to be made now. If you’re happy for your prepubescent children to be deprived by those whom you entrust them to, you’ll do nothing, and you are as bad as the pedophiles and their friends in Parliament.



A real change will only come through the Ballot Box in Britain.

A wicked doer giveth heed to false lips; and a liar giveth ear to a naughty tongue. (Proverbs 17:4 [KJV])


The Mainstream Media (MSM) exists to misinform you, to confuse you, to keep you in fear, to entrap you in a tyrannical dictatorship, to allegedly keep you safe, but to really steal your rights, freedom and liberties, to empower and enrich their Owners / Masters.

Virtually every successful journalist is a money whore, a morally degenerate slut.

It doesn’t matter whether your choice of MSM is Liberal, Conservative, Socialist, Left, Centre, Right, they all have one purpose – controlling the masses.

The truth is that the people who really control the entire global MSM could fit onto a standard 52 seat bus.

[27] For a whore is a deep ditch; and a strange woman is a narrow pit.
[28] She also lieth in wait as for a prey, and increaseth the transgressors among men.

(Proverbs 23:27-28 [KJV])

The MSM spends it’s time keeping many stories bubbling away at any moment in time and depending on the need, will move stories in prominence as and when deemed necessary by their Masters.

Islam, Housing Prices, Immigration, Poverty, BREXIT, Political Correctness / Cultural Marxism, Racial Strife – all are either a deliberate policy of the government (eg open door immigration) whose determined drive to import an endless tide of foreigners to Great Britain to provide cheap labour and drive wages/ salaries to stagnate or drop must be hidden, or are purposefully fanned up by the MSM to divert your attention from another, more problematic issue – for example, some Islamist Preacher is released from prison even though he’s supported the murder of British citizens, to divert the treasonous activities of Theresa May over the BREXIT situation.

But none of these stories as individual situations is accidental, are not an Act of God, or unforeseen consequences of other policies. 

Immigration could be stopped at the stroke of a pen if the British Establishment (Parliament, Civil Service, City of London Corporations) so wished. A round-up of illegal immigrants could be done simply by the issue of a once off Identity Card for 10 years, with a sunset clause requiring a referendum to keep it operating. Then, by empowering the Police, Social Security, Health Service, Housing Departments, Inland Revenue and Private Landlords to demand the ID Card be shown when accessing any service, and make it a criminal act with a mandatory prison term of five years (no parole) for provision of any service to an illegal immigrant.

But the powers that be (PTB) don’t want to stop any of it, be it Gipsies from Czech/ Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria (many of whom are being shipped to Northern Ireland at the moment), or Islamist Muslims from across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, who are then funded to create more and more Mosques by Wahabbist Saudi Arabian oil money.

All of the examples I could give you are not the disease, the Cancer that is Killing Britain,  They are mere symptoms of that Cancerous disease which will lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, and the enslavement of many more when the situation degenerates into civil war. 

The groups that are the most prominent, that always appear in the MSM – as well as individuals – are mere creations of the security services and like the unfortunate monster of Dr. Frankenstein, they are animated using the power of Media.

It’s entirely possible that the rather sad remains of UKIP, Britain First, Football Lads Army (democratic or not), or Generation Idenitare – and individuals such as Tommy Robinson, Paul Golding, And Anne Marie Waters are genuine in their words, are real patriots, and love Britain. But those in the shadows – the Spooks of MI5, Special Branch, CIA, Metropolitan Police, Global private security companies, MOSSAD, EU  – have their placemen pulling the strings.

One only need look at the car crash of UKIP to see how any successful political movement can be derailed, imploded from inside by the right people at the right time. At the very moment the Party that forced the BREXIT vore is needed most, it’s Leader is bumbling around like an arse babbling about Islam – why?

Or the unstoppable rise of Tommy Robinson, who as in Chumbawumba’s one hit wonder Tubthumping, “… he gets knocked down but he gets up again ….”, having moved seamlessly through the BNP, EDL, Quilliam, Rebel Media, on to his own One Man Band thing – with publishing deals aplenty, plaudits from all the usual suspects (many of whom, if they are genuine, should spot Robinson, Waters, Batten and the rest for what they are – either agent provocateurs or useful idiots).

You see, the only way to change anything is by ATTAINING POWER at the BALLOT BOX.

So the name of the game is diverting people away from this goal and into worthless activity, fronted either by useful idiots, or State paid and controlled operatives.

As the pre-Batten UKIP proved, when the Establishment realises that there is a real danger the plebian masses, who they despise and describe as scum, trash, cattle etc, may just take some course of action against their interests, they get scared.

So the Establishment creates their own opposition or takes over an organisation which endangers them. If you study the downfall of the National Front, BNP, and UKIP, you will see exactly the same problem – reaction – solution behaviour.

So, presently (but that could change – say a “banking crisis”, or some other scandal) it’s Muslims and Immigration which are the useful idiots of the day. They are used to create social discord, through the media, and these groups – For Britain, Britain First, FLA – and individuals such ad Batten, Waters, Robinson and Jack Buckby – are powered up to offer an “alternative” which can lead the mass of people down stupid rabbit holes of demonstrations, donations, court cases, a great deal of hot air and keyboard tip-tapping on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube etc without actually achieving anything.

Goaded on by the above, and “alternative media” such as Rebel Media, and websites operated by self-appointed experts Robert Spenser and others around the anti-Islam movement,  few people, whipped up to a froth by these organisation will use violent, threatening language or do things which are criminal, such as leave pig parts near Mosques, and end up in prison. 

And, of course, when the movement needs to be destroyed, it can easily be so. How long did UKIP’s fall take? Less than six months. Then, once the organisation has been wrecked,  the MSM can return to filling the heads of the masses with football, porn, drugs, bingo and soap opera stories, doping them down to a state of semiconsciousness.

Remember – Islam, Islamism, Jihadis and so forth –  is a symptom, not the disease. A symptom, when the right people have control, can be simply cured. That’s not to say Islam is not a vicious, brutal religion hell-bent on world domination, but Britain could deal with it if the government had the will. So the drive is to put establishment puppets or useful idiots into the leading positions of any dissident movement. 

Until the stranglehold of MSM can be broken – by a political movement not in control of the Establishment of Britain – whose aim is changing the system through offering a set of policies to alter the power structures of society, economy and political representation – the same old shit will keep being pumped out by the same old faces. 

Degenerate, Depraved and Perverted – social care in Britain

The full Times investigation is here (LINK)

Great Britain has become the home of depravity, perversity and degeneration, in every sphere and aspect of life. This has happened in my fifty years of life – nothing in the great scheme of things.

Genesis 6:5 KJV: Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Yes, we have slid so far that “charities” now feel whoring mentally retarded women to sexual predators is somehow a positive benefit to her in her day to day life.

Autistic woman, 23, whose condition meant she sought risky sex was allowed to be ‘pimped out’ to strangers by carers so she could ‘learn from her mistakes’

Woman looked after by Manchester City Council-employed firm Engage Support

She repeatedly engaged in risky sexual behaviour while in the company’s care

Led to a two-month scheme in which men were allowed to visit her home for sex.

Daily Mail 18th October 2018

She is so retarded in her mental capacity to reason that she was under the care of the Court of Protection:

The woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had been in care under the direction of the Court of Protection since she turned 18 in 2013. The court’s role is to safeguard adults who do not have the mental capability to look after themselves.

In 2015, a judge ruled the woman could consent to sex but was unable to ‘make decisions on her contact with men’. Carers feared she was at risk of sexual harm if she was allowed unsupervised access to males.

Daily Mail

For five years after she turned 18, care authorities and the courts sought to protect her from the extreme risks to which it was feared she would be exposed if given unescorted access to the community. Now, suddenly, it was open season.

To the family of the woman at the heart of the case, it seemed extraordinary that anyone should have decided that a young woman with an IQ of 52 might benefit from exposure to sex with a succession of men she barely knew. The Royal College of Psychiatrists said a person with that level of intelligence would be “severely intellectually impaired”.

The Times Oct 18th 2018

So what was the answer from these Establishment powerbrokers and their advisors?

The interim care plan that would trigger multiple sexual encounters in private and in public was approved in early June by Judge Jonathan Butler at a hearing of the Court of Protection in Manchester.

The Times 

Only when a qualified and highly regarded psychiatrist became involved did this cesspit of wickedness burst open into the public square. 

His report was damning. In Dr Ince’s opinion, the woman was unable to assess any risks posed by those who might want to have sex with her. There was no evidence that she would be able to learn from mistakes. The court-approved care plan was “inherently dangerous”.

“To expose an individual who lacks capacity in this area to such a high level of risk — that may lead to sexual abuse, violence or ultimately their injury or death — as a ‘learning experience’ is disproportionate, not in their best interests, open to substantial criticism and frankly unprofessional.”

Before Dr Ince’s report was presented to the court early last month, at least six “boyfriends” had visited the woman’s house for sex. She was “offering her telephone number to any number of Asian males that she comes into contact with when in the community”.

There were also sexual encounters in public. One evening in July, she left the house and later told carers that she “got into a parked car with an Asian male and had sex”. “The male left her in the car and she was then picked up by two males. She is reported to have given one of the men oral sex while the other stood outside the car. He said, ‘Do it to my friend and I will see how good you are, then you can do it to me.’ She then left the car and met another man who she had sex with.”

At a bowling alley a few days later, the woman “persuaded the man in the next aisle to engage in sexual activity with her at the back of the building, despite the fact that he was there with his wife and children”.

In review:

  • Manchester City Council handed over a highly vulnerable young woman to a “charity” to be cared for.
  • This organisation  “Engage Support” decided that allowing unlimited sexual encounters without supervision would be somehow seen as a learning exercise.
  • The “charity” went to court (as it had to do because the young woman has an IQ of 52)  and was supported in their belief by the sitting judge, Judge Jonathan Butler, of the “Court of Protection”.
  • To cover their backs, a Psychiatrist was asked to jot down his opinion for the court to review after the care plan had been in operation for some while.
  • The care plan (if one can call it such) was instantly put into play as she proceeded to became free at the point of use sex doll for any member of the Asian community who chose to abuse her.
  • At no point did anyone involved at any stage of this lunacy question WTF was going on, and of course, because these hearings are held in secret, no one outside of the court chamber was any the wiser.

The staff of “Engage Support” were not just innocent bystanders during this evil they were active participants in her being pimped out like a common prostitute, for the “Asian” (NuSpeak 1984 style: read predominately Muslim) to use as a slut for whatever perverse use they could imagine : 

After learning in August of her numerous sexual encounters in the preceding weeks, the local authority said it instructed Engage Support to “refrain from taking [the woman] to places such as shisha bars where she would encounter Asian men who may pose a risk to her”.

In such bars, which originated in parts of Asia and Africa but are popular in the West among young people from minority ethnic communities, a sweetened form of tobacco is smoked from an ornate communal pipe known as a hookah.

Shortly after receiving the instruction from the council, Engage Support ended all the woman’s contact with men and early last month it said that it would “cease to provide support” for her. It had been concerned for some time about the safety of its staff, it said, and was no longer willing to put them in the position of “watching [her] have sexual relations”.

The Times


Nick Clegg – former MP & former Lib Dem leader is a traitor to Britain.


Nick Clegg publicly expresses his treasonous nature in the clip below. It becomes crystal clear why the political Establishment reacts with such horror at the mention of returning the death penalty – it’s what we used to do with treasonous dogs like him and his fellow politicians who acted not for the people’s benefit, but their own.

Britain has a fine history of defying tyranny, be it from Spain under Elizabeth I, France during the reign of the Hanovers, the Czar during the Crimean War, the Kaiser in WW1 and Hitler in WW2 – and indeed the USSR during the long years of the Cold War.

That is what is British – heroism, self sacrifice, loyalty, honour, principle – and it is absolutely un-British to be a traitor, as any politician who seeks to undermine the destiny of the British people by chaining them to a dictatorship created by Fascists and Communists as Nick Clegg and many others of the Establishment, both openly – Treason – and in secret planning circles – Sedition – surely are.


Great Britain has become a wicked and amoral nation.


cm is cancer
Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Psalm 60:4 | KJV |


amoral (adjective)
amor·al | \(ˌ)ā-ˈmȯr-əl, (ˌ)a-, -ˈmär-\
Definition of amoral
1: having or showing no concern about whether behaviour is morally right or wrong
amoral politicians
an amoral, selfish person
Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Cultural Marxism has our nation rot from the inside out. The utter degeneration of the United Kingdom and the collapse of Moral Order is shown by the following story:

A London school was left in dismay when the victim revealed what a “gifted and valued member of staff” did.

Joshim Nur, 34, met the child for the first time three days before their arranged marriage.

The chilling trip took place in 2006 and saw the families of both groom and bride collaborating to let the marriage happen, according to pieces of evidence produced.

The physics teacher, who was then working at the London Nautical School in Blackfriars, flew to Bangladesh during a summer break and returned to the UK with the girl, named by the panel as Child A. 

The pair had sexual intercourse during their marriage, as confirmed by the adult.


Now – firstly – this shitsack should be tried in a court of Law, and if found guilty of being a paedophile as he most surely is – he has admitted as much in public – he should be summarily executed.

He has not even the excuse – generally used by communists, socialists, liberals and the mentally challenged that it was mere ignorance, or cultural difference, a misunderstanding. He was a teacher, which requires a Degree from a University of some kind, and his English language skills (or lack thereof – after all, he held a well-salaried teaching position) were not to blame either. He knew exactly what he was doing, every step of the way

Secondly – whoever decided not to prosecute him – after he brought this 13-year-old child back to the UK and had her live with him, as his “wife” – should be dismissed from their employment, their pension removed from them (and any paid if so returned to HM Treasury) and themselves be prosecuted for assisting the degenerate shitsack in the repeated rape of a child.

There should be a thorough investigation of how a paedophile managed, with a 13-year-old wife,maintained a position of teacher in a school with 650 children in attendance. If anyone is found to have covered up relevant information, they should be dealt with as per the previous paragraph.

But this will not happen, I can guarantee.

Because the Law will not prosecute – where it can manage not to – followers of Islam who abuse or murder children. And before you say anything – the whole kerfuffle around Rotherham only burst like an ulcer because it could no longer be hidden. It was so big, it was so widespread – as we have found subsequently, Pakistani Rape and Pimping Gangs exist wherever there is a Mosque apparently – that the Establishment HAD to carry out a series of prosecutions – but only as many as could not successfully be written off, obfusticated, or simply ignored.

Within the Quran, the Hadiths, and the canon of Islamic Jurisprudence (FIQH), puberty is when a child becomes a woman and from that point, they can marryYou will note that the Pakistani Pimp and Rape Gangs were in no way interested in four-year-olds, to be honest. They follow the old maxim “old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”. I’m sure many were shocked to find out the legal position presently in the UK.

Compare this to the white men who travel abroad, rape – say, Thai, Cambodian or Vietnamese – children, and are found to have done so. The police in the United Kingdom will spend a King’s ransom to have that man – rightfully – prosecuted to the full extent of the law within the United Kingdom. AND REMEMBER HE WILL NOT EVEN HAVE BROUGHT A 13-year-old BACK TO THE UK AS HIS WIFE REPEATEDLY ABUSING HER FOR THREE YEARS.

There is now parallel legal systems operative in the British Isles, and that will as sure as God made green apples, lead to disaster. Non-Muslims are hounded and prosecuted to the end of the Law, and followers of the Quran, given free rein to do as they please. 

Just more treason from those who rule us, fool us, steal from us and involve us in globalist wars.