Nick Clegg – former MP & former Lib Dem leader is a traitor to Britain.


Nick Clegg publicly expresses his treasonous nature in the clip below. It becomes crystal clear why the political Establishment reacts with such horror at the mention of returning the death penalty – it’s what we used to do with treasonous dogs like him and his fellow politicians who acted not for the people’s benefit, but their own.

Britain has a fine history of defying tyranny, be it from Spain under Elizabeth I, France during the reign of the Hanovers, the Czar during the Crimean War, the Kaiser in WW1 and Hitler in WW2 – and indeed the USSR during the long years of the Cold War.

That is what is British – heroism, self sacrifice, loyalty, honour, principle – and it is absolutely un-British to be a traitor, as any politician who seeks to undermine the destiny of the British people by chaining them to a dictatorship created by Fascists and Communists as Nick Clegg and many others of the Establishment, both openly – Treason – and in secret planning circles – Sedition – surely are.