Great Britain has become a wicked and amoral nation.


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Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Psalm 60:4 | KJV |


amoral (adjective)
amor·al | \(ˌ)ā-ˈmȯr-əl, (ˌ)a-, -ˈmär-\
Definition of amoral
1: having or showing no concern about whether behaviour is morally right or wrong
amoral politicians
an amoral, selfish person
Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Cultural Marxism has our nation rot from the inside out. The utter degeneration of the United Kingdom and the collapse of Moral Order is shown by the following story:

A London school was left in dismay when the victim revealed what a “gifted and valued member of staff” did.

Joshim Nur, 34, met the child for the first time three days before their arranged marriage.

The chilling trip took place in 2006 and saw the families of both groom and bride collaborating to let the marriage happen, according to pieces of evidence produced.

The physics teacher, who was then working at the London Nautical School in Blackfriars, flew to Bangladesh during a summer break and returned to the UK with the girl, named by the panel as Child A. 

The pair had sexual intercourse during their marriage, as confirmed by the adult.


Now – firstly – this shitsack should be tried in a court of Law, and if found guilty of being a paedophile as he most surely is – he has admitted as much in public – he should be summarily executed.

He has not even the excuse – generally used by communists, socialists, liberals and the mentally challenged that it was mere ignorance, or cultural difference, a misunderstanding. He was a teacher, which requires a Degree from a University of some kind, and his English language skills (or lack thereof – after all, he held a well-salaried teaching position) were not to blame either. He knew exactly what he was doing, every step of the way

Secondly – whoever decided not to prosecute him – after he brought this 13-year-old child back to the UK and had her live with him, as his “wife” – should be dismissed from their employment, their pension removed from them (and any paid if so returned to HM Treasury) and themselves be prosecuted for assisting the degenerate shitsack in the repeated rape of a child.

There should be a thorough investigation of how a paedophile managed, with a 13-year-old wife,maintained a position of teacher in a school with 650 children in attendance. If anyone is found to have covered up relevant information, they should be dealt with as per the previous paragraph.

But this will not happen, I can guarantee.

Because the Law will not prosecute – where it can manage not to – followers of Islam who abuse or murder children. And before you say anything – the whole kerfuffle around Rotherham only burst like an ulcer because it could no longer be hidden. It was so big, it was so widespread – as we have found subsequently, Pakistani Rape and Pimping Gangs exist wherever there is a Mosque apparently – that the Establishment HAD to carry out a series of prosecutions – but only as many as could not successfully be written off, obfusticated, or simply ignored.

Within the Quran, the Hadiths, and the canon of Islamic Jurisprudence (FIQH), puberty is when a child becomes a woman and from that point, they can marryYou will note that the Pakistani Pimp and Rape Gangs were in no way interested in four-year-olds, to be honest. They follow the old maxim “old enough to bleed, old enough to breed”. I’m sure many were shocked to find out the legal position presently in the UK.

Compare this to the white men who travel abroad, rape – say, Thai, Cambodian or Vietnamese – children, and are found to have done so. The police in the United Kingdom will spend a King’s ransom to have that man – rightfully – prosecuted to the full extent of the law within the United Kingdom. AND REMEMBER HE WILL NOT EVEN HAVE BROUGHT A 13-year-old BACK TO THE UK AS HIS WIFE REPEATEDLY ABUSING HER FOR THREE YEARS.

There is now parallel legal systems operative in the British Isles, and that will as sure as God made green apples, lead to disaster. Non-Muslims are hounded and prosecuted to the end of the Law, and followers of the Quran, given free rein to do as they please. 

Just more treason from those who rule us, fool us, steal from us and involve us in globalist wars.