Degenerate, Depraved and Perverted – social care in Britain

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Great Britain has become the home of depravity, perversity and degeneration, in every sphere and aspect of life. This has happened in my fifty years of life – nothing in the great scheme of things.

Genesis 6:5 KJV: Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Yes, we have slid so far that “charities” now feel whoring mentally retarded women to sexual predators is somehow a positive benefit to her in her day to day life.

Autistic woman, 23, whose condition meant she sought risky sex was allowed to be ‘pimped out’ to strangers by carers so she could ‘learn from her mistakes’

Woman looked after by Manchester City Council-employed firm Engage Support

She repeatedly engaged in risky sexual behaviour while in the company’s care

Led to a two-month scheme in which men were allowed to visit her home for sex.

Daily Mail 18th October 2018

She is so retarded in her mental capacity to reason that she was under the care of the Court of Protection:

The woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had been in care under the direction of the Court of Protection since she turned 18 in 2013. The court’s role is to safeguard adults who do not have the mental capability to look after themselves.

In 2015, a judge ruled the woman could consent to sex but was unable to ‘make decisions on her contact with men’. Carers feared she was at risk of sexual harm if she was allowed unsupervised access to males.

Daily Mail

For five years after she turned 18, care authorities and the courts sought to protect her from the extreme risks to which it was feared she would be exposed if given unescorted access to the community. Now, suddenly, it was open season.

To the family of the woman at the heart of the case, it seemed extraordinary that anyone should have decided that a young woman with an IQ of 52 might benefit from exposure to sex with a succession of men she barely knew. The Royal College of Psychiatrists said a person with that level of intelligence would be “severely intellectually impaired”.

The Times Oct 18th 2018

So what was the answer from these Establishment powerbrokers and their advisors?

The interim care plan that would trigger multiple sexual encounters in private and in public was approved in early June by Judge Jonathan Butler at a hearing of the Court of Protection in Manchester.

The Times 

Only when a qualified and highly regarded psychiatrist became involved did this cesspit of wickedness burst open into the public square. 

His report was damning. In Dr Ince’s opinion, the woman was unable to assess any risks posed by those who might want to have sex with her. There was no evidence that she would be able to learn from mistakes. The court-approved care plan was “inherently dangerous”.

“To expose an individual who lacks capacity in this area to such a high level of risk — that may lead to sexual abuse, violence or ultimately their injury or death — as a ‘learning experience’ is disproportionate, not in their best interests, open to substantial criticism and frankly unprofessional.”

Before Dr Ince’s report was presented to the court early last month, at least six “boyfriends” had visited the woman’s house for sex. She was “offering her telephone number to any number of Asian males that she comes into contact with when in the community”.

There were also sexual encounters in public. One evening in July, she left the house and later told carers that she “got into a parked car with an Asian male and had sex”. “The male left her in the car and she was then picked up by two males. She is reported to have given one of the men oral sex while the other stood outside the car. He said, ‘Do it to my friend and I will see how good you are, then you can do it to me.’ She then left the car and met another man who she had sex with.”

At a bowling alley a few days later, the woman “persuaded the man in the next aisle to engage in sexual activity with her at the back of the building, despite the fact that he was there with his wife and children”.

In review:

  • Manchester City Council handed over a highly vulnerable young woman to a “charity” to be cared for.
  • This organisation  “Engage Support” decided that allowing unlimited sexual encounters without supervision would be somehow seen as a learning exercise.
  • The “charity” went to court (as it had to do because the young woman has an IQ of 52)  and was supported in their belief by the sitting judge, Judge Jonathan Butler, of the “Court of Protection”.
  • To cover their backs, a Psychiatrist was asked to jot down his opinion for the court to review after the care plan had been in operation for some while.
  • The care plan (if one can call it such) was instantly put into play as she proceeded to became free at the point of use sex doll for any member of the Asian community who chose to abuse her.
  • At no point did anyone involved at any stage of this lunacy question WTF was going on, and of course, because these hearings are held in secret, no one outside of the court chamber was any the wiser.

The staff of “Engage Support” were not just innocent bystanders during this evil they were active participants in her being pimped out like a common prostitute, for the “Asian” (NuSpeak 1984 style: read predominately Muslim) to use as a slut for whatever perverse use they could imagine : 

After learning in August of her numerous sexual encounters in the preceding weeks, the local authority said it instructed Engage Support to “refrain from taking [the woman] to places such as shisha bars where she would encounter Asian men who may pose a risk to her”.

In such bars, which originated in parts of Asia and Africa but are popular in the West among young people from minority ethnic communities, a sweetened form of tobacco is smoked from an ornate communal pipe known as a hookah.

Shortly after receiving the instruction from the council, Engage Support ended all the woman’s contact with men and early last month it said that it would “cease to provide support” for her. It had been concerned for some time about the safety of its staff, it said, and was no longer willing to put them in the position of “watching [her] have sexual relations”.

The Times